How Effective Stanozolol Is Against Muscle Wasting And Weight Gain

Today, the use of anabolic steroids is much higher when compared to a decade ago. Much of this wide adoption is associated with better and effective performance enhancers like Stanozolol. The Stanozolol steroids are common among bodybuilders and athletes as they are effective in treating muscle wasting diseases, fatigue, and many other issues.

Working Principle and Use

Stanozolol is derived from DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). The DHT hormone undergoes two structural alterations to produce Stanozolol. One, a pyrazole group substitutes a 3-keto group on the A-ring. Second, a methyl group is added to carbon 17 on the DHT structure. The two alterations on the DHT structure results to an effective Stanozolol steroid. The changes increase the anabolic functions of Stanozolol. The mode of action of the drug is enhanced by:

• Lowering the levels of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin): Research shows that Stanozolol for sale reduces the levels of SHBG to almost 50%. An SHBG molecule dictates the amount of testosterone to be free or bound in the body. A higher amount of SHBG translates to a lower supply of unbound testosterone.

Protein Synthesis: Stanozolol promotes the formation of proteins, which are vital for bodybuilding and general workout.

• Nitrogen Retention: The muscles contain about 16% of nitrogen which is needed for protein synthesis. If less amount of nitrogen is retained, your body is prone to muscle wasting.

• Increased RBC (Red Blood Cell) count: The RBCs are needed for oxygen transport required for effective muscle performance.

• Inhibition of Glucocorticoids: Glucocorticoid hormone, commonly referred to as stress hormone results to muscle wasting and fat gain. If you buy Stanozolol, you get to prevent this from happening.

Stanozolol tablets are mostly labeled as bulking steroids due to their potency to prevent muscle wasting. Most of the athletes use the product offseason to reduce SHBG levels. Athletes who want to shed off the extra fat use this product to achieve leaner bodies. Majority of athletes choose Stanozolol over other steroids because of the drug’s ability to stimulate strength in a person without weight gain. What many athletes look for in a performance-enhancing product are speed and power, and they get this from Stanozolol. Medically, Stanozolol pills are used to treat Osteoporosis, Angioedema, Breast Cancer and broken fractures.


Overall, the potency of Stanozolol against muscle wasting and weight gain is impressive. You can buy Stanozolol online in major stores and get to enjoy better workout and field performance.